As of 7/30/2020 Northern New England Housing Investment Fund and Housing Vermont merged to form Evernorth. Visit our new website:

Investors, please note:   The Evernorth portal will be active on 11/15/2020 for the 9/30/2020 third quarter, reports.  The NNEHIF portal will remain active until 3/31/2021 for you to access previous reports while we migrate historical data to the new portal.

NNEHIF is a strong advocate for the creation and preservation of affordable housing.

We are a caring, mission-driven nonprofit corporation committed to serving low income families and individuals in our communities who need housing. We provide leadership on policy issues while listening to and promoting the needs and accomplishments of our partners in the industry. Getting these messages out to the appropriate public officials can—and has—affected real change in the provision of long-term affordable housing. Additionally, we provide financial support to organizations that are also committed to the affordable housing industry.

We are proud to be members of  Maine Affordable Housing Coalition, Housing Action New Hampshire and National Association of State and Local Equity Funds (NASLEF)


Successful operation of affordable rental housing financed with tax credits – and often with other programs as well – takes knowledgeable and resourceful property managers who understand and can meet all requirements. NNEHIF recognizes the challenges faced by those who manage and maintain our investment properties, and we value their efforts to develop the broad perspective needed for portfolio-based asset management. 

Our partners are committed to continuing education and building industry relationships. To that end, NNEHIF is proud to offer our Investing in Your Success Scholarship Fund to defray the cost of trainings and conferences. Individuals working for our developer partner organizations, as well as property management firms, are welcome to apply annually for NNEHIF scholarships toward a wide variety of educational opportunities in the affordable housing world. 

We know that training budgets are always stretched, so we’re proud to assist the professionals who help make affordable housing “home” for so many. 

Apply for NNEHIF's scholarship, and if you have any questions, contact our Asset Management department.