As of 7/30/2020 Northern New England Housing Investment Fund and Housing Vermont merged to form Evernorth. Visit our new website:

Investors, please note:   The Evernorth portal will be active on 11/15/2020 for the 9/30/2020 third quarter, reports.  The NNEHIF portal will remain active until 3/31/2021 for you to access previous reports while we migrate historical data to the new portal.

Ongoing | 10% Discount on Spectrum Seminars, Inc. Trainings for NNEHIF Partners

NNEHIF encourages our partners to attend LIHTC trainings by partnering with Spectrum to reduce training costs. Any of our partners can receive a 10% discount on all Spectrum trainings and conferences. To access this discount, simply send in 10% less than the amount due when registering for a Spectrum course. Make sure to write a note indicating you are a partner of NNEHIF. Please contact NNEHIF if you have any questions regarding the discount.

The Granite State Managers Association (GSMA) is a professional organization of property owners, managers and other people involved in the Property Management industry. Organized in 1986 by managers of New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority financed properties, the group has steadily grown and now includes managers of all types of real estate including:

  • Conventional, affordable and subsidized residential housing
  • Retail and commercial properties
  • Condominiums and mobile home parks
  • Properties affiliated with both HUD and Rural Development

The Maine Real Estate Managers Association (MREMA) is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting professional asset management by providing effective leadership through collaborative relationships and educational and training programs.